# 53 Kingship Psalms

Hopefully, this study of the different types (or genres) of psalms has been an encouraging and helpful exercise for you, as it has been for me. Just a quick summary: over these last months we have checked out psalms of lament, thanksgiving, remembrance, confidence, wisdom and hymns. Now, we have one more to go, if we remain with Longman’s list. In fact, in his summary of these different types he says, “What an incredible variety of songs Israel sang to her God!” Considering this truth, may we never get stuck just in one style or type of worship, whether it involve music, liturgy or any other aspects of our times together with God. Just check out God’s creation, he loves variety!

And so we move onto Kingship Psalms, and Longman suggests that “Two groups of Kingship Psalms must be distinguished. First, we have…a number of psalms that focus on the human king of Israel. The content of these psalms varies greatly. Psalm 20 calls down a blessing upon the king; Psalm 21 expresses the king’s thanks and trust in the Lord. Psalm 45…rejoices in the king’s wedding. The royal aspect of the psalm may not be readily apparent, because the king may refer to himself as ‘I’ rather than as ‘the king’.

The second group…proclaims that God is king. The two subgroups are closely related because, after all, the human king was simply God’s earthly reflection. God was the true king!

‘For God is the king of all the earth; sing to him a psalm of praise.’ (Psalm 47:7)”                             (see references # 1)

I trust you know Him as your King today!

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