My new eBook on the Psalms

This first book is a challenge to reflect for 90 days on the Psalms (1-25) and to discover the wonders of this ancient book and how its truths continue to be relevant and how they impact us today in the 21st Century. The Psalms were and continue to be so many things to the Hebrew people – their prayer book, their hymn book and so much more. It has also been vital for Christian worship over the centuries. But it also contains some deep teaching about life, God and humanity, as well as being full of prophetic words concerning the coming Messiah. It is quoted numerous times in the Gospels and letters of the New Testament. It is truly a remarkable Book and worthy of our time and effort.
The author is not a theologian but has read and appreciated this book for over 50 years and has read many books written by theologians on the Psalms. These he has quoted from and acknowledged as required. Much of it is based on the Blog on the Psalms which the author has been writing since 2015.

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